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Vampire Fitness Deluxe Vinyl - *PRE-ORDER*


*This item is on pre-order will likely ship by March 19th*

The smooth, sensual sounds of 'Vampire Fitness' by Katya Zamolodchikova is available on Deluxe Vinyl for pre-order now. This deluxe edition vinyl has a sumptuous blood red and black smoke marble coloring and comes in two versions, signed and unsigned. Both include a gorgeous pull-out print pull of Katya as an adult Bat Boy.  Only 500 Deluxe Vinyl have been made!
  • Unsigned: These zesty vinyls come spiced with a something a little extra: limited edition ‘Vampire Fitness’ and “Come In Brazil’ 5x7 postcards (1 of each) to send to your friends and lovers.  Each vinyl is stamped with their official, limited edition pressing number.
  • Signed: Only the first 200 vinyls will be signed and are stamped with their official, limited edition pressing number. Each also comes with (1) ‘Vampire Fitness’ and (1) “Come In Brazil” 5x7 postcards.

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